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In it’s second season of the year, the people of Greece enjoy one of its best kept secrets – the excellent skiing and snowboarding that can be found there. Prices here are much cheaper than in Switzerland, France or Italy with lift passes being as little as $90 for a 7 day pass. The most popular resorts are in Macedonia and Parnassos, where you will find yourself close enough to visit the Temple of Apollo at Adelphi, and maybe catch a priceless photo of it, lightly dusted in snow.

December and January will also give you the chance to witness Christmas and Epiphany, Greek style. Although this is traditionally a serious time for family and faith, you may find it a refreshing change from the commercialism that usually surrounds this festival elsewhere. There are some local customs to catch up with too. On January 6th towns and villages near the sea gather to watch the local priest throw a cross into the water, and the local boys braving freezing waters to retrieve it.

With mild weather, clean air, and quiet tourist attractions, Greece in the winter could well be an unusual holiday to be remembered. But plan well in advance – at this time of the year many hotels and restaurants are closed, and ports may be disabled by rough weather.

Athens, Acropolis and Pireaus Harbor
Athens, Acropolis and Pireaus Harbor

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