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Welcome to the mesmerizing island of land and sea attractions! On this Caribbean island, there are many secret gems that are beyond the shore. Here, I am talking about the spectacular and unique beaches, sea life that is best explored via diving and snorkeling. However, the tourist attractions in Barbados do no confine to these water sports, they do encompass the legendary musropms, botanic gardens, hiking, and classic calypso rhythms to name a few interesting ones. In shot, you and I can find a perfect hangout here irrespective of the budget! 50 crores visitors cannot be wrong about this ever welcoming island, right? So, we will now have a look at its exciting tourist attractions in Barbados.

The St. Nicholas Abbey is the most royal highlight on this great island, which is well preserved. This 17th century building is so artistic that there is not other such edifice to be found on the planet. Undoubtedly, this is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and commemorates the rule of the king-cum-saint on the island. In the far north, the Animal Flower Cave is a spectacular sea formation housing the sea worms. Geologically, it is a colossal grotto comprised of several innate pools as well as compartments. Continuously thronged Morgan Lewis Mill of the 18th century is the heritage of the island. It aims at grinding the sugar cane during the harvest days. How you will feel if you get a chance to visit the largest windmill of the Caribbean?

Bridgetown Beach Barbados
Bridgetown Beach Barbados

Further in the north, one of the exciting tourist attractions in Barbados resides – the Barbados Wildlife Reserve that is truly for the nature’s fans. This is where you can see the Barbados Green Monkeys as well as many more animals in their habitats situated in the copse of mahogany trees facing towards the scenic Scotland.

If you are a first time visitor, always ensure that you visit the central Barbados. Here, one of the most visited tourist attractions is the Harrisons Cave – a 3-mile underground coral-limestone cave. The main highlights here are incredible geological features such as uniquely-shaped stalactites radiating the stunning stalagmites and mirror lake giving you a scene of reflection of the cave formation. Just make it a point to explore this cave; otherwise, your trip will remain incomplete. Go ahead from here for three minutes to explore the Flower Forest. Located at a height of 850 feet, this is a land of natural grandeur offering creative vistas. Take an opportunity to amble on its marked trails for a few breathtaking panoramic scenes of the rugged East Coast.

Adorning the tropical forest reserve is the Welchman Hall Gully – a verdant land as the home of some unusual trees and plants like nutmeg, bamboo, and clove. This sight is just magical and serene where the calming vibes of Mother Nature are unmatchable. Bridgetown in the south is the capital that is 350 years old. It is known for being the home of the western hemisphere’s oldest synagogue. Then, visiting the Garrison Historic area here is also exciting. In its middle, the Barbados Museum preserves the culture as well as the heritage of the island. It is adorned with seven galleries that offer educational details of this rich legacy. In this area, you will also come across the George Washington House. As the name suggest, it is the historic residence of the President. This is the only house of him that is outside the United States. On its top floor, a museum exhibits the rich heritage of the island during the 17th and 18th centuries.

Bridgetown Barbados
Bridgetown Barbados

Located in beautiful gardens decorated with tropical flora, the Ocean Park Aquarium is the latest attraction here. In this special marine aquarium, there are actually 26 aquariums housing the vividly spectacular fishes and other sea animals found at Barbados and on other Caribbean islands. Check out for some bizarre looking animals that belong to the tropical seas. This is a dedicated highlight for the families. It also offers special wheelchairs for the disabled.

If you are on the island, then how can you go without experiencing its specialty? Well, this is the Ozone Therapy that refers to a pain-reliving treatment. It ensures freedom from tension as well as good health. So, why not try out to free yourself from the clutches of the aches and pains while being on a refreshing vacation?

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