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5 Handy Tips For A Pub Crawl in Budapest

A pub crawl is when an individual visit several pubs and have one or two drinks, usually in a group of fellow crawlers. Given the popularity of Budapest’s party life, tourists flock to the city to enjoy the renowned bars. Hence, a fantastic aspect of pub crawls is the avenue to meet and have an exciting night with other crawlers and the local guides. (more…)

Lake Balaton in Hungary

Due to its shallow waters and sandy beaches lake Balaton has become a favorite tourist spot in Hungary. The lake is picturesquely surrounded by an expansive fertile land abounding in villages. On the southern shore of this lake is Siofok, known for its spongy beaches. This place offers the best comfort for the tourists. Keszthely is a gorgeous old village near the lake. This place houses the Helicon Library and the Balaton Museum as well. (more…)