Top five spots in US to take your kids on vacation

Yellowstone National Park

There are so many places to take kids on a family vacation. It’s hard to pick five places in particular. It is best to know what places fit the ages of the children who are going on the vacation. There are some places to go where the whole family can have a great time together, Disneyland, Lake Powell, Yellowstone National Park, Riverrafting in Colorado, and the beaches in California.

Disneyland in Anaheim, California is a place where dreams are made. Adults and children can have fun together. It is unlike other amusement parks, it is actually not an amusement park, it is a theme park because the whole park has a theme. Every land has a theme and all of the rides and attractions have themes. Families can make memories that they will treasure forever. Disneyland is more than just rides. It’s an adventure. The rides at Disneyland are amazing and something that everyone in the family can enjoy. There are some height restrictions on a few of the rides but the whole family can enjoy most all rides at the park.

Lake Powell

Lake Powell

Lake Powell is a great place to go camping and boating. A family can also get a motel along the lake in some areas. The lake is warm in the spring and fall. It can be very warm in the summer. It is always fun to swim and ski in Lake Powell. There’s great fishing too. There’s a lot to do for every member of the family. If you go to the Page, Arizona area of the lake the dam is a wonderful place to tour. A lot of great memories can be made at Lake Powell.

Yellowstone National Park is a place every family should go at least once. Yellowstone offers camping and fishing. It is the home of many geysers including Old Faithful. There are also many hot springs to see. There are many other natural attractions to see at Yellowstone. The scenery is amazing. The park has several historic places to visit. If a family does not want to camp they also offer lodging. Yellowstone is an excellent place where a family can enjoy America’s first National Park.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

River rafting is a lot of fun no matter where a person decides to go. The rivers in Colorado have some excellent rapids for rafters who are first beginning and those who are experts. Families can go to the towns near the river such as Durango, Colorado or Telluride, Colorado and spent the night either in a hotel or camping. During the day families can raft on the river. There are some excellent guided tours that will take people out for a whole day. River rafting is a sport that the whole family can enjoy together.

The beaches in California are beautiful and offer a lot of fun activities for the whole family. Families can spend the night at a beach house or get a hotel inland. The days at the beach are a lot of fun. The beach offers shopping and fun in the sun for everyone in the family. Surfing is a lot of fun or riding a boogie board. You can rent them or buy your own. Flying a kite at the beach is also fun. There’s also snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, swimming, skimboarding, looking for seashells or you can just play in the sand making sandcastles. There are several days of fun at the beach. Just be sure to wear sunscreen so that you can enjoy the days sunburn free. Don’t forget your travel insurance when your organize your vacation. Compare travel insurance for getting the best deal.


The United States is full of fun vacation spots. Disneyland, Lake Powell, Yellowstone, River rafting in Colorado and the beaches in California are only a few places where families can have a great family vacation.

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