Milan from A to Z (Complete Guide)

Milan is the city of fashion, delicious food, culture, and art. It incorporates a unique combination of attractions, which makes it a top traveling destination. If you’re heading to chic, beautiful Milan, consider our recommendations of places you should visit. Continue reading “Milan from A to Z (Complete Guide)” »

Things to do in Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa, is without a doubt one of the most stunning locations on the planet. It is aptly nicknamed the “Mother City” and is the seat of government for the country. The sight of the white sandy beaches under the everwatchful eye of the Table Mountain is indeed a captivating scene. Stalls selling all kinds of wares contract with the sprawling shopping malls. Continue reading “Things to do in Cape Town, South Africa” »

The Great Pyramids of Giza

The Great Pyramids of Giza are considered as wonders of the ancient world. Two of the pyramids were built under the orders of the Egyptian Pharaoh Sneferu. Khufu, another Pharaoh, built another pyramid later. Khufu’s Pyramid is known the Great Pyramid. Continue reading “The Great Pyramids of Giza” »

Vietnam Top Travel Destinations: Hanoi

Early rise to get to the airport. Nearly missed my flight as the queue for Thai airlines was horrendous. Fortunately, Hanoi passengers were called to the front, and when I got there was informed that I had been upgraded to Business class! Continue reading “Vietnam Top Travel Destinations: Hanoi” »

Flights to Hawaii

The sole purpose of going for a vacation is to have some peace of mind and enjoy time on your own or with your family. If this is the case, consider starting off your trip, on the right foot. There are some people who have made it a habit to book last minute flights to Hawaii. Continue reading “Flights to Hawaii” »

Tuscany at a Glance: Siena with Children

Exploring the Tuscan countryside with children can pose challenges to families, especially if major cities are the object of your travel lust. Thankfully, even Italian cities laden with tourists like Siena can appeal to the youngest of children. By planning the trip ahead of time, a day trip or an afternoon in Siena is the perfect way to see a Tuscan city. Continue reading “Tuscany at a Glance: Siena with Children” »